The NPWT system

NPWT (Negative Pressure Wound Therapy) uses sub-atmospheric pressure to promote wound healing. This process involves cleaning the wound, filling it with high-porosity foam and gauze, closing it with a transparent film to create an airtight environment, and connecting the dressing to a vacuum control device. This method ensures efficient removal of secretions, accelerates drainage and allows dressing changes every 3-5 days, thus improving the frequency of changes compared to traditional wound care that requires daily changes.

Objective and benefits

Our MINIVACUUM devices are the ideal solution for many types of wounds, including open, extensive and infected wounds. The application of negative pressure over a period of days or weeks contributes significantly to healing through the following mechanisms:

  • Macro-deformation: approximation of wound margins, reduction of oedema, removal of exudate and infected material, improvement of tissue perfusion.
  • Micro-deformation: cell stretching within the honeycomb structure of the sponge stimulates cell activity and promotes the formation of granulation tissue.

These functions, combined with constant drainage of fluid and protection from contamination, accelerate healing, reduce hospital costs and improve patient comfort by promoting a pain-free experience.

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