MiniVacuum - MV03


The Mini Vacuum MV03 is a portable device offering negative pressure therapy for complex wounds. It is easy to use and reliable, allowing a choice of three vacuum therapy modes (continuous, intermittent and oscillating).

The Mini Vacuum MV03 is designed to support the use of dual-tube suction pads for direct control of pressure on the wound surface. Thanks to its integrated lithium-ion batteries and quick charging function, the Mini Vacuum MV03 offers 12 hours of autonomy when disconnected from the mains.


The device is light and compact, and comes with a discreet bag that can be used as a holder for attaching it to the bed and as a safe carrying system via a shoulder strap. The bag has transparent windows to allow parameters to be changed and displayed without having to remove the device. In addition, the level of exudate inside the container can be monitored through a dedicated window.

The Mini Vacuum MV03 is equipped with a ‘screen saver’ mode that protects the device from being inadvertently set by the patient, while ensuring that the patient can rest at night. Moreover, it offers a user-friendly system for managing notifications through screens that allow healthcare personnel to take specific action on the root cause of alerts.


  • Lightweight and versatile for hospital and home use;
  • Internal pump with adjustable negative pressure: -200 to 0 mmHg;
  • Long battery life: up to 12 hours per charge;
  • Automatic detection of two tubes for wound pressure monitoring;
  • Integrated canister options (400 ml or 600 ml);
  • Visual and auditory malfunction alerts for safety;
  • Includes transportation bag, bed attachment hook, and charger.

The three distinct modes are:

  • continued depression;
  • oscillating depression;
  • intermittent depression.

The oscillating and intermittent functions allow you to adjust two different vacuum values (in the range of 0 to -200 mmHg) and a time period of your choice, ranging from 40 to 600 seconds.

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