MiniVacuum - MOOD


The MiniVacuum MOOD is characterised by its wearability, discretion and ease of use. Its innovation lies in its ability to be mono-use, while offering a range of advanced functionalities. This device allows the application of three different modes of topical negative pressure therapy, with the possibility of adjusting the values to suit specific clinical needs.


A particularly innovative aspect of MiniVacuum MOOD is its ability to treat not only superficial wounds but also cavity wounds. This is possible thanks to the compatibility with PU foam dressings and the possibility to adjust the vacuum levels individually. Furthermore, the device is battery-powered, ensuring patient autonomy, and is easily transportable thanks to a convenient clip on the back.


The three modes:

  • Oscillating mode with selectable values between -80 mmHg and -120 mmHg.
  • Intermittent mode with customisable values between [0; -80] mmHg and [0; -120] mmHg.
  • Oscillating mode between depression values in the range of [-80; -120] mmHg.

MiniVacuum MOOD offers several versions with different durations to suit the patient’s specific needs and recovery plans:

  • 7-day version.
  • 15-day version.
  • 30-day version.

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