Abdominal surgery kit


ABDOCARE Open Abdomen Wound Dressing Kit contains:

  • Transparent non-stick cloth for contact with organs that allows liquids to pass through thanks to the micro-cuts present. The cloth has a star-shaped PU foam pattern on the inside to even out the applied vacuum and drain liquids even in the areas furthest away and hidden from the suction flange;
  • Pre-shaped PU foams for quick and easy shaping to the size of the wound, without the use of scissors or cutting edges;
  • Sterile transparent PU film (size 30×30 cm) for edge adhesion and covering of foam dressing. The film has numerical markings on the different layers to be removed to guide the correct and orderly application of the dressing
  • Suction pad (tube + adhesive flange) equipped with luer connection and twin tube for manual instillation directly on site without having to remove the dressing. Instillation can be performed indiscriminately on all patients.

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