Wish us good luck.

Hospotica represents an ambition — an ambition to make certain basic hospital care functions “smart,” similar to the way home automation is currently changing our relationship with our homes. While the journey will be long, our goal is very visible. Small instruments are our first target — those that are found at the head of the bed and too often lack “intelligence.” We want them to “adapt” themselves to the work to be done, to “understand” on their own how to help those who direct them, and be “directed” easily; to understand quickly from distances in both space and time.
While the first steps of Hospotica — a name that embodies so much vision — will be very slow, this little group is not lacking in enthusiasm.

Mini Vacuum

For the treatment of wounds by the application of Topical Negative Pressure

The Mini Vacuum is a device for the treatment of wounds by the application of Topical Negative Pressure (negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT)).
The negative pressure dressing is indicated for many kinds of wounds, especially those that are open, extended, deep and/or infected. Negative pressure applied to a wound for a period of a few days or weeks speeds the healing process, thanks to multiple mechanisms of action, including the predominant benefit derived from the creation and maintenance of sub-atmospheric pressure inside of the wound.
The accelerated healing process effected by NPWT treatment lowers the costs of hospitalisation and outpatient treatment.



Costs reduced by 50%

Excellent reliability

Italian manufacturing — 100%


In addition to the traditional portable device that generates the vacuum autonomously called MINI-VACUUM SMD-MV03 the MINI-VACUUM SMD-MV01 equipment, which is part of the centralized vacuum reduction systems, is a device that uses electromechanical valves, pressure sensors in circuits and a command and control electronics that achieve the lens in a manner comparable to the more complex systems, also equipped with pumps.

These characteristics are in many respects better than the other similar instruments in clinical use and whose clinical efficacy has been analyzed in the publications in the bibliography.